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Hi, there!

Iā€™m Christina, The maker here at Christina Ann Studios. I design thoughtfully handmade goods for the homE. I have a big heart for the home, and I truly believe that every home is in process and that you have the ability to change the atmosphere of your home.

Your home can be dreamy. It can be cozy.

your table setting can be every bit as magical as you were hoping it would be, with the right trivet for that dessert you make every holiday.

Slow down your evening routine with a handmade woolen blanket and a cup of tea.

When I am designing a new piece, I always try to keep two things in mind: simplicity, and coziness. I use a lot of neutrals and warm colors to evoke a feeling of warmth and coziness.

At the same time, I want me pieces to be minimalistic and crisp, to help keep a feeling of order and the feeling of everything being in its place. I use uniform stitch patterns, and simple color palettes to give a clean feeling to each design.

Thanks so much for stopping in at Christina Ann Studios.